Friday, June 17, 2011

Cousins' Camp - Dino-mite! Day One

Cousins Camp Day One
We look forward to this all year. We get to play with the grand kids for three days. Dinosaurs are the theme this year. Thank you Andrea for coming up.
Schedule: Dinos had to be unearthed in the sand pile. Yes, Oriental Trading has skeletons. Lunch. Crocquet, baseball, tetherball, and in general playing. Then the cold weather started. We had a lot of chasing around the house in dino masks. Those kids can really growl. We braved hot dogs over the bon-fire - but it was too cold for smores. Parachute games with little beach balls, more playing,then PJ's, prayers and popcorn with a movie - exactly in that order. Jenna was the first out, then Reagan. The rest watched Ice Age the Return of the Dinosaurs, or something like that. Great Day One.
I was bumbed - caught a beast of a cold out of the blue. Grandma's gift to everyone. Sorry.

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