Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Commute: Part One

It's been an adventure getting to work this January. I'm grateful for 4 wheel drive. We've had more snow and the road crews seem to be at a loss. But this morning was wonderful - a little warmer and no wind at all. So the drifts are quiet, not trying to snake across the road...The lane is getting crowded. About 4 new homes going in this winter, and more promised. I guess the days of me being the only one on the road are gone. I even pass two buses on my way. But it's a comfort of sorts to know that someone will come along to help pull you out if needed.

The Commute: Part two

Nothing better that a warm day (10 degrees) when you can roll down the window and snap a shot of the major intersection, the buffalo, and when we hit the oil. Beautiful morning!

Musically inclined?

Couldn't resist posting Bridger. Some times he'll be sitting quietly in a chair just thinking all by himself, other times he'll opt for a little music when the frontroom is all quiet.