Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spring Clean up at Grandma Kennington's

It's good to see everyone after a winter of being cooped up. Many of the kids, grandkids and great grandkids were able to come and get the yard into shape. We had a delicious lunch of several soups, breads and desserts. It's always good to get re-acquainted. After the work there was bubbles, basketballs, and sidewalk art.

The New Book!

We decided to print this little red head book while the grandkids were little enough to still laugh at it. We made 500 copies in hopes of getting enough $ back to print another story, etc. etc.
So far we're into it about 150 copies by word of mouth. Hopefully it will pick up for the holidays. If you know redheads or their associates please spread the word. I don't want to paper the bathroom with it. (mommasaysbook.blogspot.com) I really hate marketing things.

State Art and Prom came next.

Mike goes with us to State Art each year as chaperon. The kids are fun and well behaved. It's a 4 day trip. Then Prom was my baby this year. I didn't get any photos of the big night, but it was called "A Black Tie Affair" and turned out great. The kids are to be congratulated.

Can Spring be far behind?

You'd think with Easter baskets out Spring was finally here, but we had a little more winter to go. Jace got a great snow hut out of it.

Happy Birthday Corbin!

There's the Leap Year Baby celebrating his first birthday. He's such a happy and lovable little guy. I believe his sense of humor and easy going disposition will carry him in life. He likes to test the waters, but is always ready with a laugh and a hug. We can't imagine life without him.

Late winter brought...

March Birthdays get celebrated, a model train show in Ogden, and the west fence goes up. None of the March birthdays are even shown in these photos - You know who you are....Happy Birthday!

Winter 2009

Winter was filled with bright sunny days, blowing snow, cute grandkids, hungry deer and fun get-togethers. One of the cutest lines was from Ashlee.
Corbin who could now get wherever he choose, was sorely tempted to open the little curio cabinet. Ashlee appointed herself the guard. If he scooted anywhere near it, she would shake her finger and firmly say, "No No Torbin."

Our Anniversary

The kids made a nice Chinese dinner for our anniversary - wish I'd taken pictures that day.
Mike has endured for 36 years. They haven't all been easy, but I'm so grateful we've tried.


Grandpa Hamblin became sick and needed to be hospitalized, so I stayed with Grandma while Mike was taking care of Grandpa. We took her to the hospital for a daily visit. Over the course of the vacation she eventually forgot who we were going to see. This is Christmas day. They opened their presents in the room. We were beginning to worry about what would happen when it was time to go back to school with Grandpa still not well. So we arranged for assisted living care. It didn't please Grandpa, but we could see no other avenue.
One funny part of the whole ordeal was that Grandma forgot who we were and that we were even married. She was dead set against us both sleeping in the front bedroom. That was fine with me, but Mike had to do some fast talking to avoid the back bedroom.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Thanksgiving rolls around. Braden and Ashlee work on pictures of themselves. The Nativity gets a final coat of varnish at school. The girls set a beautiful table and we enjoy dinner and celebrate Mike's birthday.

The ever popular Kennington grandkids stair photo

The Pre-Thanksgiving party in Afton

To see Lynn and his family, we ran to Afton and had a great visit with everyone.

October and November

We enjoyed birthdays, Halloween, the high school kids painted a great nativity scene for the valley, Corbin began crawling on cold tile, Blaine and Angie came while they were waiting to sell their home in Tennessee.

Fall brought...

We had wonderful weather and lots of fall color. School started, homecoming floats to be made - fun to be back in a routine and have goals (am I saying that?)