Sunday, June 22, 2008

COUSINS CAMP 2008: They wore us out!

The kids really kept us going! We had Hamblins, Kenningtons, Beattys and Braden's cousins, the Youngs from Kaysville. We're glad Tiffni came with Kurt because she took over when we were worn out (we need an afternoon nap to keep up with these kids). First order of business was to get the tie dying started, get the tents up, and start the bonfire. Hot dogs and smores for supper!
Mark your calendars: 18, 19, 20 of June for next year. "Out of this World Cousin's Camp" Lynn, this means your girls too!

Thursday afternoon getting aquainted.

The Tie Dye Shirts Final Product.

At the Desert - kids are the little white dots on the distant hills. They were real climbers.

The Garden Stepping Stones in Production

Marshmellow Launchers - the big hit!

Friday afternoon, making clay, baseball and sandpile. Girls made beadwork.

Happy Birthday Everyone!

Morning tour of Ft. Bridger

Handcarts and the Outpost

Tired kids at Fort Bridger