Monday, May 16, 2011

While the parents are away...

The weekend in a nutshell: Birthday dinner for Blaine in Brigham City, slumber party (up till 12:11 am), breakfast, soccer games/playgrounds, shopping for picnic goodies, picnic at Antelope Island (smelly water along the causeway, seagulls, pelicans, buffalo and lots of biting gnats), then to Andrea and Jerames' visiting and playing with Duchess and Rowdy, dinner, then home for another movie, but everyone gave up the ghost. (was that one run on sentence or what?!!

Sunday was great - kids did so well at church, After Sac. Mtg. Jenna asked, "Do they have a nursery here?" and the girls took off. Jace said it was "the best Primary ever!" After a little lunch, Mom and Dad were back. We headed to Tremonton and hugged a cute little Leia. Jenna was a tired little puppy. We were blown home in that crazy wind and dust storm.

What a great weekend!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Whenever it's too quiet...

Above: Should have known, Reagan dropped off the radar for a few minutes. During that time she apparently formed an attachment to blue markers; new lipstick?
(Luckily she found the crayola markers)
Below: Corbin is pretty serious about the magnet holder.

Above: Hudson holding his own - getting some cute grins.
Below: The kids work on numbers for a few minutes before we go to dinner.
Thanks for coming over!