Friday, September 2, 2011

One of the best places in the world

We're just back from Star Valley and a wonderful trip up to Turnerville to pick rasberries. It couldn't get any better - a beautiful morning - the first frost laying in the shadows, a warm sun peaking over the mountain and Denna's beautiful yard. It was so peaceful - only the sound of Willow Creek as we filled our buckets and visited. What a blessing to have not only my own mother, but other strong examples such as Denna in my life.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cousin's Camp - DINO-MITE- Day Three

Here it is - from sleeping bag rides in the morning to the final group shot after dinner. The shirts were a big hit Andrea. They loved picking their favorite color for the words. Thanks for all your work. Notice even the youngest cousins have T Shirts with their names and birthdays.
Collette and Andrea flew into making salads in the afternoon while the kids took a break. Dinner was delicious. It's so good to visit with our kids and catch up.
The bubble wands quickly became light sabers. Defenders of the galaxy were suddenly all over the house. Pretty good sound effects too.

We did a good thing this year - tacked the "official" Mike Hamblin reunion on to the end of Cousins' Camp. Those who could, stayed overnight for church.

  • While we did have a few tears over spilled milk the first day, we are happy to announce no major meltdowns, only 6 bandaids used, no potty accidents, the kids were mostly kind to each other and patient with each others' younger siblings (not always with their own however).
  • We were surprised that homesickness didn't seem to crop up this year.
  • We learned that 4 & 5 year olds have a hard time not peeking out at the fish pond reactions when they're the ones loading the goodies on the fish pole. Ohh's and Ahh's are just too enticing not to look.
  • Star Wars, basketball, Dora the Explorer and cartoons fill a big part of their imaginations.
  • Basketballs in the old wash tub, croquette, sandpiles, cowboy golf, rockets and hula hoops kept everyone occupied outside.
  • Little girls need a baby doll to play with and a purse with a cell phone in it.
  • Fireworks at bedtime can be too noisy and stressful for 3 year olds. They both fell asleep with their hands over their ears while sitting on our laps.
  • It's fun to visit in your pajamas on Grandma's bed in the morning. (Grandma is going to need a king size bed pretty soon)
  • Braden will officially be a teenager in just 4 years.
  • Pre school graduation was pretty important - and school is an exciting prospect on the horizon this fall.
  • Three year olds love to cuddle and have a story book read to them.
  • 18 month olds are just aware of everything going on around them as 58 year olds - probably more so.

Braden, thank you for being patient with all the other ones who wanted to be with you every minute of the day because you are the oldest and they think you're cool. Some day you will hope for that with you're own kids.

Observations from the grandkids:
  • "How old are you Grandma?" followed by, "When are you going to die?"
  • Just after pouring cement,"Can we walk on it now?"
  • "Fireworks are too loud!"
  • "Grandpa, can we have popcorn with our movie?"
  • On a huge mud hill on the desert: "This could be the dinosaur's eye, and here's his head, ribs, tail, etc.!!!"
  • "Grandma, I need to go to the bathroom. Let's go home. But I didn't need to go before."
  • "Grandma! I found a human finger!"
  • "Grandma, I love you." (my favorite)
  • The youngest one indignantly explaining how Grandpa splashed water in her eyes at bath time. "Poppa! talk talk [couldn't understand]..Poppa!" She was quite upset all evening.
  • We learned that one family has the official "potty dance" and I believe that same family has a "huge shower big enough for the whole family to fit in, and if you and Grandpa come you can fit in it too!" Don't ask...

Cousins' Camp DINO-MITE! Day Two

We had our desert trip (they are growing into real climbers), Target practice with the water jug, treats, discovering bones and skeletons (of last winter's kills), and then home to the beach, lunch, and some relaxing and decorating hats. After chicken nuggets, tater tots and grapes, we had our official birthday treats at the "fish pond" then baths and fireworks. Three just couldn't survive the fireworks - too big a day.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Cousins' Camp - Dino-mite! Day One

Cousins Camp Day One
We look forward to this all year. We get to play with the grand kids for three days. Dinosaurs are the theme this year. Thank you Andrea for coming up.
Schedule: Dinos had to be unearthed in the sand pile. Yes, Oriental Trading has skeletons. Lunch. Crocquet, baseball, tetherball, and in general playing. Then the cold weather started. We had a lot of chasing around the house in dino masks. Those kids can really growl. We braved hot dogs over the bon-fire - but it was too cold for smores. Parachute games with little beach balls, more playing,then PJ's, prayers and popcorn with a movie - exactly in that order. Jenna was the first out, then Reagan. The rest watched Ice Age the Return of the Dinosaurs, or something like that. Great Day One.
I was bumbed - caught a beast of a cold out of the blue. Grandma's gift to everyone. Sorry.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fun at Grandma's House

What's not to like at your Great Grandmother's home - aunts, uncles and cousins, good food and the chance to just relax, catch up on all the news and get acquainted with the newest members of the family. It wasn't so long ago that those big cousins were the little ones running around. Thanks for having us Mom.

Memorial Day Weekend - the snow!

Heading for Star Valley after church. You can see from the grandkids that religion is just plain exhausting. Apparently we missed the 5 inches of snow which graced the fair Bridger Valley.