Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thought this was a great sunrise to begin the day with.
Hope you all have a wonderful week, and the little trick or treaters have a fun time.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend at Devan's

Had a nice weekend with everyone in Layton.
Braden had soccer, Ashley is walking well, Jackie is doing great. Andrea is enjoying life and Dev says he likes his new work schedule.
That evening Braden and his buddies, Sam and Ben, dressed to the teeth (literally) for a Halloween party. The Social season is just beginning!
Dad and Devan worked on the bathroom downstairs most of the time, which is why they didn't show up on any photos...


Monday, October 22, 2007

Conference Weekend Crafts

Conference Weekend was an opportunity to get together with Collette and Andrea (in honor of Angie's Crafting abilities)and shop at Busy Bee. Between sessions we put together some awesome things. Bridger was a big help.

Tennessee #2

OK, the pictures got away from me - and they're in the wrong order so here is Tennessee #2

Tennessee #1

Hi everyone,

Thought Dad and I should start a blog for the family happenings. So thanks Collette for setting this up last spring. (I am a slow learner)

Last weekend Dad and I flew to Nashville to see Jace and his parents. They really showed us a good time and we appreciated their hospitality. We visited The Grand Old Opery Hotel with wonderful enclosed gardens, the town Halloween carnival (Jace is the puppy), attended church and then toured the Andrew Jackson estate before we flew out on Monday. The vine lady was by far the most unusual thing we saw - hopefully I can import the video.